An organization is only as good as the results we obtain. Take a look at some of the work we have done.

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April 22, Omaha, Nebraska

South Sudanese youth giving presentation on challenges facing them, and the conference was attended by over three hundred people, mostly youth. ROSS has dealt with increasing levels of suicide among youth with rallies to educate youth on suicide, drugs and alcohol. We hold them every 3 months and have reduced the level of suicide among our local communities.

Due to these type of interventions, domestic violence cases have dropped from 4 to 1.

Angelina Nyajany Teny

Angelina was giving presentation on crime prevention strategies and peace among the members of the South Sudanese community. She was standing with youth; this was an all day long conference, which addressed the topics mentioned above.

In our humanitarian program, we provided so much assistance within limited resources we had.

Hon. Yien Thiang Luony

Yien attended our conference from South Sudan to engage the UN and other aid agencies to help the needy people affected by civil war in South Sudan. Hon. Yien took this picture in front of the United Nation building in New York City in 2017. In this trip to New York, he had an opportunity to meeting with directors of UNOCHA, USAID, and more aid agencies.


ROSS – USA Mobile Clinic

We established a mobile clinic respond to humanitarian crisis that has been going on a result of civil war that started in 2013. This mobile clinic goes to rural areas where people got stranded with no food and medical care and medical supplies. We have been supporting this program for almost five years to date within the limited resources we have. We currently seek partnership collaboration with NGOs that are operating in Africa. Drs. without Borders are also encouraged to contact us and join hands with them. Among the mobile clinic’s staff, we have trained first aid mental counselors as well to address trauma and other psychological challenges.

In our overseas programs, our Mobile Clinic has helped treated many malaria cases and saved lives. Mosquito nets have also reduced cases of malaria and we continue to provide assistance.

Dr. Duol Tut, MD

This is one of our Mobile Clinic’s Physicians, treating a patient in his tour to rural areas. These are few examples to the work these medical doctors have been doing to treat their own people who are still living away from their home today.

Dr. Zecko Gatkal, MD

They are well trained to provide medical treatment to patients. They do this work without pay. ROSS – USA has managed to provide medical supplies and transportation to those places they tour in weekly basis for the last four years.

Mosquito Net

This is a Mosquito net that we purchase along with medical supplies to help those displaced people who stayed outside during rainy season. For those who might not know what Mosquito does, it bring malaria or yellow fever that is proved by CDC to be one of the deadly diseases in Africa. Therefore, it’s imperative for us to also provide these nets as part of medical supplies.

ROSS Events in Rural Areas

This is one of our needs assessment events in rural areas to learn from them their pressing issues. This is where we got the idea of providing mobile clinic and Mosquito nets as part of medical supplies.


These two siblings have lost both their mother and their father during the war. We found them during our rural areas’ tour. They are vivid example of suffering in South Sudan to date. We may not include testimonies shared with our medical providers during their tour on this page; however, we hope that their photograph communicates magnitude of suffering. These are actual people with actual humanitarian issues whom our humanitarian programs focus primarily. By looking at this picture of the two siblings who had lost both parents during the war, one may agrees that their suffering is way beyond food and mosquito net. Both general medical treatments as well as psychological treatment are necessary to reintegrated them back to their local community. Our intention is not to display this picture to ask for financial assistance as a motive, but we do these to demonstrate our ability to provide actual assistance to those who need them the most. In addition to the services stated above, we also shipped non-food items, boxes of cloths and shoes to South Sudan in 2017. Because of these factual evidences of ROSS – USA programs in South Sudan, we gained trust from the South Sudanese communities in United States for them to continue supporting our organization. Again, the work we have been doing wouldn’t be possible without the help and collaboration with other NGOs already in operation in Africa, such as the “Water for South Sudan” organization based in New York City that helped us transported non-food items to South Sudan.