ROSS 3rd Annual Humanitarian Conference 2017 April 21-22, 2017

Calling All to Action in Support of those in Crisis and Peace in South Sudan

Fontenelle Community Church 4140 North 42nd St. Omaha, NE 68111

Table of Contents

Coversheet……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. 1

Introduction………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. 3

Message from the Country Director………………………………………………………………………………. 4

Conference Leadership & Planning Committee………………………………………………………………. 5

Conference Program……………………………………………………………………………………………………… 6

Peace building and community relations…………………………………………………………………………. 6

South Sudanese Community, US and International Laws……………………………………………….. 6

Advocacy/ Financial Resource Mobilization……………………………………………………………………. 7

Current Humanitarian Crisis in South Sudan…………………………………………………………………. 7

Dignitaries……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. 8

ROSS Leadership………………………………………………………………………………………………………… 11

Sponsors Recognition………………………………………………………………………………………………….. 12

Faith Based Groups Meeting……………………………………………………………………………………….. 13

NCDS 2017 Candidates……………………………………………………………………………………………….. 13

Presenters…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… 14

Conference Minutes…………………………………………………………………………………………………….. 18

Fundraising/Financial Report……………………………………………………………………………………… 29

Special Recognition……………………………………………………………………………………………………… 29

Conference Resolution…………………………………………………………………………………………………. 30

Thank you…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… 30



 The Relief Organization for South Sudan (ROSS), formerly known as South Sudan Relief and Rehabilitation Agency (SSRRA) is a humanitarian wing of the SPLM/A that provides license and registry for NGOS, CBOs/CSOs and any humanitarian organization operating in SPLM/A controlled areas in South Sudan. ROSS coordinates, liaise and monitor humanitarian organizations and other NGOs in the areas controlled by the SPLM/A in the Republic of South Sudan for effective and efficient humanitarian intervention and service delivery. ROSS provides safe working environment to the humanitarian organizations in SPLM/A controlled areas. It conducts needs assessments and identifies target groups for humanitarian interventions. It builds capacity of stakeholders and local partners to enhance effectiveness and efficiency in the delivery of humanitarian assistance to the target groups. ROSS is an agency that promotes peace, trust and healing to the traumatized and conflict affected communities by creating awareness on peace and reconciliation among South Sudanese citizens in collaboration with relevant partners.

ROSS -USA is a nonprofit 501 (c) 3 incorporated to solicit funds legally from the US corporations, foundations and small private organizations and provides humanitarian assistance to South Sudanese in devastated areas in South Sudan. It builds capacity of stakeholders and local partners to enhance effectiveness and efficiency in the delivery of humanitarian assistance to the target groups. It provides nationwide education to create awareness on the need for peace and reconciliation among South Sudanese citizens in collaboration with relevant partners. ROSS has regional offices across the US to streamline resource mobilization and coordination of humanitarian assistance for South Sudan. It collaborates with stakeholders to effectively coordinate and deliver humanitarian needs (food and medicines) to South Sudanese in devastated areas in South Sudan. The agency works to create awareness of the humanitarian needs in devastated areas of South Sudan through public conferences and latest field reports.


Envisage transforming lives and working for justice and prosperity for all in a peaceful society


T coordinate humanitarian assistance to save lives, restore dignity through psycho-socio rehabilitation service, and promote sustainable development by empowering community to effectively utilize the abundant natural resources as a process to transition from relief to rehabilitation


To coordinate, implement programs and partner with humanitarian agencies (UN Agencies, NGOs, etc…) for effective and efficient delivery of humanitarian services to reach unreachable residents, IDPs and to safeguard the voluntary return of South Sudanese refugees from the neighboring country after peace.

ROSS Leadership and Operation Worldwide

Pagak, South Sudan

Hon. Aggrey Izbone Idri, Chairperson of National Committee for Humanitarian Affairs

Hon. Moses Gatkuoth Lony, Deputy Chairperson of National Committee for Humanitarian Affairs Hon. Yien Thiang Luony, Executive Director

United States Office

Dr. John Chuol Kuek, Country Director

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Mr. Mok Riek Badeng, Acting Country Director

Khartoum, Sudan Office

Hon. William Garjang. Gieng, Country Director

Nairobi, Kenya Office

Mr. Ezekiel Gorei Dang, Country Director

Australia Office

Mr. Ruot Khat Marwang, Country Director

Canada Office

Mr. Nhial K. Wicleek, Country Director


Mr. Francis Dabe, Country Director


Dear Attendee:

Welcome to the 3rd ROSS* USA * Diaspora Humanitarian Conference 2017

The ROSS-USA was established in September 2014, with a goal to mobilize and coordinate the efforts of South Sudanese community stakeholders, groups and individual contributions throughout the United States to help provide basic emergency assistance to South Sudanese. The primary aim of the agency is to provide humanitarian assistance to South Sudanese in devastated areas of the country. The ROSS – USA premiere conference began in 2015 as part of the hopes and dreams of leadership to address challenging humanitarian crisis in South Sudan. Its grassroots efforts, dedication, commitment, resulted in a highly-regarded, educational, professional conference.

This year’s conference theme is, “Calling All to Action in Support of those in Crisis and Peace in South Sudan.” The conference will present new, innovative approaches in peace building and help to educate all of us on the need to consider new strategies to coexist as one nation. We know you will learn a great deal from this conference, equipping you in your quest to effectively serve individuals in our community, and most importantly, the country that we all love the most. This year we have added a new activity; there will be a special live concert on Saturday evening, featuring our local talented South Sudanese Artists in United States. The conference will begin on Friday evening with staff meeting and other arrangements on April 21, 2017. The conference will kick off on Saturday April 22, 2017 at 11:00 am with numerous thought-provoking exhibits, cultural artifacts, and books-written by South Sudanese.

It is our hope that you will find this conference the best ever! On behalf of the conference planning committee and the entire ROSS – USA leadership, we welcome you to the 3rd Annual Conference and thank you for your attendance.


Dr. John Chuol Kuek, PhD Country Director

Relief Organization for South Sudan (ROSS) USA Office: (402) 595-8125


Conference Leadership/Planning Committee

  1. Stephen Chan Dak Conference Chair

Relief Organization for South Sudan’s Third Annual Conference 2017

  1. Stephen Pajok Kong Co-Chair

Regional Coordinator, Midwest

  1. Bidit Luak Dar

Finance Committee Team Leader

  1. Mary Nyareak Chol Deputy Finance Team Leader
  2. Sarah Rut
  3. Nyadow Loch
  4. Nyakhan Kuoth
  5. Nelson Loponi

Team Leader for Community Mobilization

  1. Nyachan William

Deputy Team Leader for Community Mobilization

  1. James Mut Nyang
  2. Martha Mark
  3. Par Gai
  4. Angelo Angery

Team Leader for Communication and Public Relation/ Deputy West Region Director

  1. Stephen Khor Chambang

Deputy Team Leader for Communication and Public Relation

  1. Nyabiel Kuon
  2. Nyagach Nguth
  3. Augostino Gore

Team Leader for Secretariat

  1. Tibisa Jiechlat Thor

Deputy Team Leader for Secretariat

  1. Nyabuay Chan
  2. Tut Tongyik Dieng
  3. Nyangut Gai
  4. Kueth Yul Dieu

Team Leader for IT/ Data Management

  1. Kwan Malwal

Deputy Team Leader for IT/ Data Management

  1. Komach Dei
  2. Anuer Tut
  3. John Lee Chuol

Program Schedule

Security Team: Nyabuay Pal

Day One

 Master of Ceremony (MC): Mr. Luka Nyagajaak & Ms. Martha Mark

 Saturday, April 22, 2017

11:00 am – 11:10 am (Music and Slide Show)

 11:15 am-11:20 am: South Sudan and US National Anthem


11:25 am-12:00 pm: Opening Remarks, House Keeping Rules and Guests Introduction (Prayer: Pastor James Kuajien Deng)


Mr. Stephen Chan Dak, the Chair of the Conference Rosemary Lokule, Deputy Country Director

General Conference Team’s Recognition

LUNCH BREAK 12:10 PM – 1:10 pm

 Entertainment before each presentation

1:15 –1:45 pm: Presentations #1: Peace Building and Community Relations


Presenter 1: Youth Rep (10 min)

Role of Diaspora civil society in bringing a lasting peace in South Sudan

Presenter 2: Women Affairs Rep (10 min)

Humanitarian Intervention, Transference and Accountability

Presentation 3: Pastor James Dak Rut (10)

Role of Religious institutions in providing humanitarian services and promoting peace in the country

Presenter 3: William Pay Tuoy Giel, (10 min)

Organizing America, a collaborative efforts and networking among SPLM/A –IO supports

1:50-2:10 pm: Presentation #2: South Sudanese Community/ US and International Laws

Presenter 4: Mr. Kueth Yul Dieu (10 min)

Community Education on US Family and Immigration Laws

Presenter 5: Mr. John Atilio (10 min)

Advocating for Justice and Accountability for war crimes – Retributive vs. Restorative Justice


Presentation 3: 2:15-3:15 pm: Effectiveness of Advocacy and Lobbying/ Public Health Awareness and Challenges facing the educational system in South Sudan


Presenter 6: Dr. Gatluak Ter Thach (10 min)

Effective Advocacy, Lobbying, Finance and Resource Mobilization

Presentation 7: Dr. Isaac Kueth Gang (10 min)

Role of International Community in the current peace initiatives in South Sudan

Presenter 8: Dr. George Imuro (10 min) Travel Medicine/ Heart Health

Presentation 9: Dr. Joseph Sokiri (10 min)

Health Disparities in the rural areas and IDP camps in South Sudan

Presentation 10: Dr. John Kuek (10 min) Community Wellness (Mental Health)

Presentation 11: Dr. Hennery Lejukole (10)

Brief background of Equatorians and their humaniterian contribution in this current liberation struggle.

Presentation 12: Amb. Goi Jooyul Yol (10 min)

Challenges and constraints on National Educational Policy in South Sudan


Break and Entertainment (5 min)

Presentation 3: 3:20-5:20 pm: Humanitarian Crisis and Peace Update


Guest Speaker 13: Hon. Yien Thiang Luony (30 min)

ROSS – general humanitarian situations in the country (Current Updates)

Presentation 14: Hon. Stephen Par Kuol (20 min)

International perspective on South Sudan war/ how to achieve a lasting peace and challenges to it

 Keynote Speaker 15: Hon. Angelina Jany Teny (30 min)

SPLM/A – IO Leadership and overall function of the movement and current situation updates

Words of Encouragement: 5:25-5:55 pm (27 mins)

  • John Gok Badeng – New Life Christian Church (3 min)
  • Michael Bayoch Kuaya – South Sudanese NB Council of Church (3 min)
  • SPLM/A IO Mission Office: Sabata Ramba (3 min)
  • Youth League – Matthew Dobuol Ruon (3 min)
  • Women League – Ms. Nyagile Thot (3 min)
  • NCDS – Ms. Nyanguok Gatlou (3 min)
  • Lou Nuer Community – Dobuol Mading Kueth (3 min)
  • Jikany Nuer Community rep – Dak Wal Miyong (3 min)
  • Pangak Nuer Community – Abraham Juoy Tuong (3 min)
  • Bentiu Nuer Community – James Mut Nyang (3 min)
  • Equatoria rep – Dr. Hennery Lejukole (3 min)
  • Western Bahr el Ghazal (Wau) – Lewis Barud (3 min)
  • Northern Bahr el Ghazal –rep TBA (3 min)

6:00 – 6:05 pm: Closing Remarks by: Dr. John Kuek, Country Director

Closing Prayer by: Rev. James Chieng Riang


6:10-7:10 pm: Dinner

7:15pm-4:00am: Concert/Entertainment/ Fundraising

Khartoum-based Government of National Unity (2005- 2010). Angelina Teny was appointed adviser on petroleum matters to the South Sudan Energy and Mines Ministry, and was the leader of negotiations with the Khartoum government over ownership and management of oil assets. In addition, she is wife of our visionary leader, Dr. Riek Machar Teny-Dhurgon and a mother.

Above all, she is a mother of the whole South Sudan.

Honorable. Stephen Par Kuol, MPA, M.A, PhD/Advanced Candidate

 political and social affairs of South Sudan.

Current Publications:

Hon. Stephen Par Kuol, Chairman of the National Committee for foreign relation, member of the SPLM-IO Political Bureau and the head of the SPLM-IO delegation to the United States. He was a frontline negotiator during the peace talks between the SPLM-IO and the Government of South Sudan that culminated in signing of ARCISS in Addis – Ababa, Ethiopia in July 2015. Prior to that, he served as a Deputy Ambassador of the Sudan to the United Republic of Tanzania (2008- 2010). He is a former Jonglei State Minister of Education (2010-2014). He is an academic with broad research and teaching experiences. He is a career diplomat, researcher, poet and a writer who has extensively written on current

All Hats off to the Young Turuk; Republic as a Responsibility; The Decay of Kiir’s Police State; The Treacheries of Juba-Washington Bilateral Ties, South Sudan: Another Rwanda in the Making and Towards the Death of the Nascent Nation.


Academic credentials:

  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Criminal Justice, Capella University- Minneapolis, Minnesota USA (doctoral candidate in progress)
  • Master’s Degree in Public Administration (MPA Criminal Justice emphasis) University of Nebraska- Omaha,

·         Post Graduate Diploma in International Law and Diplomacy- Tanzanian Institute of Diplomatic Studies- Dare Salam- Tanzania, 2009

  • Master’s Degree in Human Service (.Community Psychology emphasis) Bellevue University, Bellevue, Nebraska, 2003
  • Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and Legal Studies, Colorado Technical University, Sioux Falls, South Dakota,

Honorable. Yien Thiang Luony, BA.

Hon. Yien Luony is an Executive Director of Relief Organization for South Sudan (ROSS), under the National Committee of Humanitarian Affairs, which is in charge of relief activities in South Sudan. He has been coordinating with relief agencies to make sure basic necessities are provided in the SPLM/A – IO controlled areas. Hon. Luony is a former minister of finance and resource mobilization for Sobat State in Upper Nile. He is also a former executive director for the office of the Chairman and C-in-C of the SPLM/A – IO, and a founding member of the SPLM/A – IO. He is also former director for policy analysis for the office the minister of cabinet affairs, Republic of South Sudan. Hon. Luony is currently monitoring medical treatments of the wounded

persons and those with different illnesses in Maiwut.

Academic Credentials:

  • Bachelor of Art (BA) with dual major in Political Science and Criminology, University of Monash in Australia
  • Advance Diploma of Business Law (AA), Holmes glen Institute in Australia.

involved in bringing solutions to current strife in South Sudan for the last three years, 2013- 2016. He has intensive experiences in relief and development for the work he had done for six years, 1994- 2000. His US experiences based in non-profit and profit endeavors both in private and Academia for 5 years, 2000-2005. He also has experiences in United Nations, Civil Service and Executive in a county and a commissioner for 8 years, 2006- 2013. His overall interest is to find solutions and formulate policies and analysis, and learning new languages and histories.


Academic credentials:

  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Management, Walden University- Minneapolis, Minnesota USA (doctoral program in progress)
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) Walden University-Minneapolis, Minnesota (2014).
  • Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Business Administration, Lindsey Wilson College in Kentucky (2002)
  • Diploma of Community Development and Leadership (AA), Ethiopian Adventist College (1994)


  • Jooyul and Associates: Baseline Study. Socio-economic Applications of TOTAL France Oil Drilling in Jonglei, Bor (2008).
  • Global Access Project Unified Research Locator: Department of African Studies. Indiana University Bloomington (2004)
  • Bassline Study: Jonglei Officer’s Handbook. Retrieved at Sudan archive and Rift Valley Institute (1998)
  • Akobo Model: A Handbook on Establishment in Rural Sustainable Governance & Enterprise (Pending Publication)

ROSS Leadership

National Office

  1. John Chuol Kuek, Country Director
  2. Rosemary Lokule, Deputy Country Director
  3. Tibisa Jiechlat Thor, National Coordinator
  4. Matthew Malual Reer, Director of Programs and Operation
  5. Gatluak Kuek Nyir, Director of Administration and Finance
  6. Toang Gatkuoth Buom, Deputy of Administration and Finance
  7. Augustino Gore, Head of Information and Public Relations

Regional Directors

  1. Nelson Loponi, South Region
  2. Dep Nhial Tuany, West Region
  3. Stephen Pajok Kong, Midwest Region
  4. Kwan Malwal, East Region National Advisors
  5. Gatluak Ter Thach, Senior Advisor for Planning and Resource Mobilization
  6. Lam Thot Muang, Senior Advisor for Relief and Social Affairs
  7. James Kuajien Deng, Senior Advisor for Religious Affairs Departments
  8. Kueth Yul Dieu, Head of IT/ Webmaster
  9. James Bile Thurbiel, Youth Empowerment Officer
  10. Stephen Chan Dak, Coordinator of Education
  11. Lewis Barud, Community Engagement Officer
  12. Stephen Khor Chambang, Donor Relations Officer
  13. Bidiit Luak Dar, Information and Public Relations Officer
  14. Khor Bayak Chuil, Coordinator of Social Affairs

Our Sponsors: Special Recognition (2015)

 Gold Sponsors $500.00

1. Pastor Peter Wetnyangran

Lutheran Christian Mission Society

$ 500.00
2. Pastor Michael Bayoch

South Sudanese Nebraska Council of Churches

$ 500.00
3. Pastor James Dak Rut

Nuer American Christian Mission Network International

$ 500.00


Silver Sponsors $250

4. Pastor John G. Badeang

New Life Christian Church

$ 250.00
5. Pastor David G. Wuol

Lutheran Church of the Master

$ 250.00


Bronze Sponsor $200

6.    Pastor Elizabeth Tot

Presbyterian Church

$ 200.00
7. Elder Sarah Gach

Anchorage Lutheran Church

$ 200.00
8. Pastor James Dak Rut

South Sudanese Thanksgiving Lutheran Church

$ 200.00
9. Rev. Tut Keat

Sudanese American Fellowship

$ 200.00
10. Pastor Peter L. Gatkuoth

Sudanese Evangelical Lutheran Church

$ 200.00
11. Pastor Peter C. Bur

Sudanese Ministry of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church

$ 200.00
12. Pastor James C. Riang

Christ Lutheran Church

$ 200.00
13. Pastor James Nhial Ruey

Sudanese Evangelical Lutheran Mission Church of Minnesota

$ 200.00
14. Pastor Simon Bilim Yiech

Trinity Lutheran Church

$ 200.00

Faith Based Groups and the SPLM/A – IO Organs Meeting Sunday, April 23

Time and location will be Announce on Saturday

Recognition of the NCDS’s 2017 Presidential Candidates

  1. William Pay Tuoy-Giel (1min)
  2. Abioth Mark Chuol (1min)
  3. Garjang Matai (1min)
  4. Dak Reath Thoan (1min)
  5. Nimery Rik (1min)
  6. Michael Chok Chok (1min)
  7. John Jock Tay (1min)


James Dak Rut, Pastor

South Sudanese Thanksgiving Lutheran Church, Council Bluffs, Iowa

 Pastor James is the current President of the Nuer Christian Mission Network in North America. Rev. James Rut started his ministry as an evangelist at the Presbyterian Church of Sudan in 1984. He continued his call with the Presbyterian Church until 2005 when God has again called him to service at the Evangelical Lutheran Church Ministry. As part of his pastoral development, Rev.

Rut attended seminary studies from October 2010 and graduated in 2015 from Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary in Barkley, California.


William Pay Tuoy-Giel, M.Ed.

Director of Student Support Services Specialist (TRIO) St. Cloud Technical & Community College

President and CEO of the Nile Institute

Nuer Community Development Service (NCDS) Candidate

 Mr. William is former Country Director of Relief Organization for South Sudan (ROSS) USA. He is currently a Director of St. Cloud Technical & Community College, TRIO. It’s student Support services is a federally-funded program (U.S. Department of Education) which serves first-generation, income eligible, and students with disabilities who are enrolled at St. Cloud Technical and Community College as degree-seeking students. He formerly worked for Maricopa Community Colleges System as an Academic Advisor where he helps students from diverse background as they pursue their career goals. He is a founding member of Alliance for South Sudanese in Diaspora. He earned two Associate degrees in Arts and General Studies from Gateway Community College, a Bachelor of Art (BA) degree in Political Science, Minor degree in Family and Human Development Studies and Certificate in International Studies from the Arizona State University (ASU, 2006). William earned a Masters’ degree in educational leadership, with emphasis in community college and higher education from Northern Arizona University. He plans to pursue further education, a Ph.D. in Law and Public Policy. He is a founding member of Alliance for South Sudanese in Diaspora.


Mr. Kueth Yul Dieu, MSAJS, MJUR.

Head of IT/ Webmaster of Relief Organization for South Sudan (ROSS) USA

 Mr. Yul is a proficient Child Protective Service professional, currently works for the Government of State of Arizona/ Department of Child Safety. He has years of experience in Juvenile court, Child Welfare and Social justice system. He currently works as DCS Specialist 3 managing Dependency and Adoption Cases. Previously, Mr. Yul worked with local law enforcement agencies in San Diego, California, as Public Safety Officer and US border Patrol officer. He completed several Law Enforcement Trainings, such as Firearm Safety, law of

Arrest, Automated Regional Justice Information System (ARJIS), and community police academy. Mr. Yul holds a Master of Science Degree in Administration of Justice and Security from the University of Phoenix, San Diego California Campus. He earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice Administration from National University, San Diego California. Mr. Yul is a current member of Coalition of Advocates for South Sudan (CASS). He is a co-founder and a member of Jonglei Peace Initiative. He is also a founding member of the Alliance for South Sudan in Diaspora (ASSD). He is currently serving as lead Minister for the South Sudanese Covenant Church in Arizona; and as a treasurer for the South Sudanese Covenant Churches Councils in Diaspora. Mr. Yul has previously served as President of the Lou Nuer Community in the USA. He also served as Media Director for the Lou Nuer Community USA, Canada and Australia. He previously served as Director of Web-designs for Nuer Community Development Service in USA. He served as a Vice Chairman for the Nuer Community Development Services in Arizona. He is a member of the board of director for the Sudanese Community Association in Arizona. Mr. Yul earned his second Master’s Degree in Jurisprudence in children and Family Law at Loyola University Chicago in 2016, and in preparation to start a doctoral program in law. He is a founding member of Alliance for South Sudanese in Diaspora.

John Atilio Ujwok, MPH

Research and development microbiology laboratory at Hormel Foods Inc. Austin, Minnesota

 Mr. Ujwok is currently employed in research and development microbiology laboratory at Hormel Foods Incorporation in Austin, Minnesota. As part of his ambition to service his beloved country, South Sudan, he returned back and worked for CBM as its Neglected Tropical Disease Program Coordinator. His work while in South Sudan included providing technical support to the national ministry of health and coordinating the implementation of community-directed treatment with Ivermectin (CDTI) in the then 8 states where approximately 5.8 million people are at risk for onchocerciasis (river blindness). Mr. Ujwok earned his Bachelor in Political Science at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville; a Bachelor of Science at Tennessee Technological University, and a Master of Public Health, with emphasis in Epidemiology, at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Mr. Ujwok pursued his doctoral studies, a PhD Program in Infectious Diseases Epidemiology at the University of Iowa. Mr. Ujwok left the program and returned to South Sudan. In South Sudan, He was employed by CBM as its Neglected Tropical Disease Program Coordinator. Ujwok returned back to USA in December, 2013, following the violence in the country.


Gatluak Ter Thach, Ph.D.

President and CEO of Nashville International Center for Empowerment (NICE)

Senior Advisor for Finance and Resource Mobilization of Relief Organization for South Sudan (ROSS) USA

Dr. Thach is the founder and current president of NICE, a nonprofit community-based organization that provides direct social services and educational programs for refugees and immigrants in Middle Tennessee. In 2010, NICE became an affiliate of ECDC in contracting with the State Department in Washington, DC’s Refugee Resettlement Program, and it resettles refugees here in the United States. In additional to his role at NICE, Thach also serves on several leadership boards of directors, including the board of directors for the Sudanese Human Rights Organization, Advisory Council of Tennessee Department of Children’s Services, the Council for Nashville’s Mayor, Tennessee for All of Us, Nashville Area Habitat for Humanity, the Sudanese Presbyterian Church, Alliance for South Sudanese in Diaspora, South Sudan Relief Rehabilitation Agency – USA, and others. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science with minor in mathematics from Tennessee State University in Nashville Tennessee in 2003. He went on to pursue a master’s degree in public service from Cumberland University in Lebanon, Tennessee, and graduated as a member of Pi Gamma Mu International Honor Society in social science. Thach earned a PhD in Organizational Leadership with emphasis on Strategic Planning from Argosy University in Nashville, TN. Thach received numerous awards in leadership and community services, including CEO of the Year Award, Distinguished Service Award, Human Right Rising Advocate Award, Power of Inclusion Award, Community Empowering Award, New Immigrant Leadership Award from White House, Peace Ambassadors USA Award, among others.


Isaac Kueth Gang, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Computer Science & Engineering at the University of Mary Hardin- Baylor’s College of Sciences, Department of Computer Science & Engineering

SPLM/A – in Opposition (IO) Representative to the United States

 He is a former director of Relief Organization for South Sudan (ROSS) USA’s South Region. Dr. Gang is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science, MIS & Engineering at the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor’s College of Sciences, department of Computer Science & Engineering (CSE). He joined the UMHB CSE faculty in the fall of 2011 from the University of Southern Mississippi (USM) where he taught as an Adjunct Professor of computer science at the USM’s School of Computing. Dr. Gang earned an Associate of Arts (AA) degree in computer science from Hinds Community College in 2000, Bachelor of Art (BA) degree in history from the University of Southern Mississippi in 2004, a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in computer science from the University of Southern Mississippi in 2004, Master of Science degree in computer science from the University of Southern Mississippi in 2008, and Doctor of Philosophy in computational science from the University of Southern Mississippi in 2010. Dr. Gang is the founding member of Alliance for South Sudanese in Diaspora (ASSD); a founding member of Coalition of Advocates for South Sudan (CASS), and a founding member of Jonglei Peace Initiative –North America. In addition to his professional expertise in science, technology and IT, Gang has an extensive peace and leadership training background with the Institute of Sustainable Peace based in Houston, Texas, United States. He has attended and facilitated peace and leadership training for over 4 years with ISP.


George Imuro, M.D

Internist or Internal Medicine Physician

President of Alliance for South Sudanese in Diaspora

 Dr. Imuro is currently in private practice in El Paso, Texas. He received his medical degree from Universidad de Montemorelos School of Medicine in Mexico and completed his medical training at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center Residency, Internal Medicine Faculty. Dr. Imuro has been in practice for almost 20 years as a general internal medicine physician.

General internal medicine physicians, or internists, are primary-care doctors who perform physical exams and treat a wide spectrum of common illnesses in adult men and women. One of every four physicians in the U.S. is an internist, many of whom are certified in one of 19 subspecialties, including cardiology, infectious disease and medical oncology. Dr. Imuro is a member of American Board of Internal Medicine. He is an Advisor to the Country Director, Relief Organization for South Sudan (ROSS) USA.


Joseph Sokiri Dumba, M.D

Methodist Physicians Clinic Indian Hills Family Medicine

 Dr. Joseph Dumba was born and raised in Kajo Keji, Central Equatoria. He attended Kajo Keji senior secondary where he graduated in 1986. He then joined University of Juba in 1987. He resettled to USA as one of the first refugees from south Sudan in 1990. He began attending a community college in 1992 in Tacoma Washington where he graduated in 1997 and Joined University graduated with double major in Zoology and Molecular Biology. He joined University of Washington School of Medicine graduating in 2001. He then moved to the Midwest to complete residency with Mayo School of Graduate Medical training in 2004. He has been working in Omaha since 2004. He is an adjunct Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. He is a member of the American Medical association, American Academy of Family Medicine and American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine. He is the Founder of The Healing Kadi Foundation, a non-profit organization that has been providing medical services to the people of South Sudan since 2009.


Hennery Lejukole, Ph.D

Research Scientist for NewLink Genetics Biopharmaceutical Reserch & Development Department IOWA State University

 His current work area is in Biopharmaceutical Research & and Development, and his PhD was in Genetic and Animal Breeding. He is a founding member of South Sudan for Eredication of Tribalism (SSET). He is also a representative of the Greater Equatorian Community in United States.


John Chuol Kuek, Ph.D.

Psychologist & Marriage and Family/ Mental Health Counselor La Maestra Community Health Centers in San Diego, California

Country Director, Relief Organization for South Sudan (ROSS) USA

 Dr. Kuek works as the first East African Marriage and Family counselor for La Maestra Community Health Centers in San Diego. Dr. Kuek earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology with minor in counseling at National University in San Diego. He has a master’s degree in counseling psychology and graduated with an honor from the University of Phoenix, San Diego campus. He also earned his Ph.D. in psychology with concentration in transpersonal psychology from Sofia University in Palo Alto, CA. He is a current chairman of the board of director for La Maestra Community Health Centers Foundation. Dr. Kuek is a current president of South Sudanese Community Council of San Diego. He is a former chairperson of the Second Nuer Community International Convention of 2013 (NCDS-IC). He is a founding member and Senior Advisor of Alliance for South Sudanese in Diaspora (ASSD).



This year’s conference, like years back, was held in Omaha, Nebraska. The City of Omaha is the most populated city by the South Sudanese in the United States. It is also centrally located, allowing a great number of people to drive to the event from the surrounding states. The conference was held at 4140 Fontenelle Community Church, Omaha, NE 68111.


Mr. Luka Nyagajaak, MC ROSS – USA – 2017 Annual


ROSS – USA – 2017 Annual Conference was fortunate to have Luka Nyagajaak as the Master of Ceremony (MC). The conference Chair, Mr. Stephen Chan Dak nominated him and the entire leadership endorsed his nomination. As a result, the conference turned out as expected.

Luka is a knowledgeable and articulate leader who made the conference a joy for those who attended. We look forward to have Luka again next time. Deliberations by the SPLM/A –IO

leadership, on peace process and humanitarian needs in South Sudan, were given. The conference was well attended. Presentations were given by highly knowledgeable leaders.

Introduction/ Welcoming Stephen Chan  Dak Chair of the 2017 Annual Conference

Relief Organization for South Sudan

 As a chair of the 2017 ROSS conference, Mr. Stephen welcomed the participants and stated that he was honor to stand before dignitaries, church leaders, mothers, youth and distinguish guests. He introduced the housing keeping rules, security alert and the entire plan of the day. He also appreciated his conference team that made the

conference planning a success. He appreciated the National ROSS leadership for entrusting him the job at this magnitude that he was ambivalence to take from the first place, fearing it could be too large to manage. He stated he was anxious until this time that he had seen the overwhelming attendance that gave him the assurance that the conference will go as planned. Finally, he stated “I looked forward to a wonderful and peaceful ending tonight.”

Welcoming of the entire conference participants

USA. In addition, she applauded the ROSS leadership for providing the opportunity for various groups to come together to address matters that concern all the South Sudanese wherever they may be. She thanked everyone for their attendance.



Rev. James Kuajien Deng Senior Advisor for Religious Affair

Relief Organization for South Sudan

 Rev. James Deng was welcomed to give his remarks and open the conference with prayer. Rev. Deng appreciated the work undertaken by the ROSS – USA in serving lives of those devastated by the current civil unrest in South Sudan. He called upon the leaders of South Sudan to bring peace, stating “Peace is the only solution to that man-made catastrophe in the country.” He concluded with prayer,

asking God to intervene. He encouraged everyone to contribute for those who have limited means to survive. Finally, he encouraged South Sudanese leaders to give peace a chance.


Presentations were given by various community leaders as follow

Youth League and Women League, followed by Rev. James Dak Rut, representing the faith based groups.

Oftentimes, he felt that the faith based groups are pulling heavy weight than political and community based organizations. He stated that he has seen ROSS filling the gap in leading the efforts, so he looks forward to always working together in coordinating the efforts. Rev. James Rut contributed $300 in cash. Other faith based leaders were also given a chance to speak, such as Rev. Michael Bayoch Kuay who expressed the interest to support ROSS in their quest to provide services to the needy in South Sudan

Rev. Michael Bayoch Kuay South Sudanese Nebraska Council of Churches

 Re. Michael reiterated the statements presented by Rev. James Rut to support the efforts together with ROSS – USA and pledged $200. His supporters gave him

$187; therefore, his financial support to ROSS was $387. Finally, Rev. Michael expressed his sincere gratitude for the opportunity given him to speak and support the efforts. He said he look forward to working with ROSS in future events. Many pastors joined him on stage, such Pastor James Doyak Biliew, Pastor James Dak and

more to show their solidarity with ROSS – USA’s leadership.

As fundraising continued, many were paying between a dollar and up, so Rev. Peter Ruach Lual, one of the senior pastors in the South Sudanese community was given an opportunity to greet the audience.

After he has done speaking, he left the conference early as he was also expected in another event in Lincoln Nebraska. The ROSS leadership was so fortunate to have him in the conference.

The 2017 Annual conference drew support from the leadership of the SPLM/A – IO in United States. The office of the representative in the United States was represented.

Dr. Isaac Kueth Gang SPLM/A – IO

Representative to the United States

Rep. Dr. Gang and his office staff demonstrated their sincere support to the ROSS – USA leadership by joining together, appreciating the leadership of the SPLM/A – IO and its leaders represented by Hon. Angelina and Hon. Stephen. All praised the legendary leader, Dr. Riek Machar for leading the efforts in freeing South Sudanese that are current imprisoned in their own country by their own government. They

reiterated their utmost support to the leadership and encouraged Hon. Angelina to continue as the mouth-piece for the voiceless South Sudanese trapped in South Sudan currently. Dr. Gang and his team, along with their supporters pledged $482 in cash. Dr. Gang and his leadership promised ROSS leadership to always be there once the opportunity as such arises.

As the conference and the fundraising continued, dignitaries were given a chance to deliver messages in regard to peace and current humanitarian crisis in the country. Hon. Yien Thiang Luony, as the guest joining the conference from Africa, was given the first opportunity to highlight the current humanitarian crisis in South Sudan.

Region. He also shared that his coming to the United States is not only to join this conference, but also to meet US Aid Agencies that are currently operating in the SPLM/A – IO controlled areas. Hon. Yien wanted to meet those aid agencies to address some concerns related to how they serve people there. He also highlighted the roll of ROSS in Pagak, the headquarters of ROSS. He stated that ROSS is the gateway for all aid agencies to go through and get a permission to reach out. The purpose was to deliver the services without exploiting the population. He applauded the ROSS – USA leadership for facilitating his way to come to USA for the first time in attending the conference. He encourage community stakeholders to work together as needs are high in the country. He stated that more support is needed seriously to serve lives. He reported a number of wounded civilians who survived from government attacks are being treated in Pagak. Finally, he encouraged everyone to contribute in support of those vulnerable. His supporters contributed on his behalf $170.

Amb. Goi Jooyul Yol Chairperson of National Committee for Education, Science and Technology SPLM/A – IO

 Amb. Jooyul reiterated the importance of supporting those in humanitarian crisis in the country, not only with food and non-food items but also with educational materials.

Amb. Jooyul asked people to raise their hands if their parents attended school. In addition, he asked people to raise their hands again if they attend bush school or school in refugee camps during the north-south war. A

few who had their parent attended school responded, but the majority has not had parent attended school. After assessment, Amb. Goi proved his point, saying “the majority of our current cadres are bush or refugee camps school educated.” He named a few successful politicians within the SPLM/A – IO as products of the bush or refugee camps school. With this theory presented, he encouraged people to contribute in support of those fellow South Sudanese in need of food, medical care and educational material. He continued encouraging people that those disadvantaged children in war-toned areas need their assistance to learn just like many who learned in bush or refugee camps related schools during the north-south war. His supporters contributed $233 in cash.

Hon. Stephen Par Kuol Chairman of the National Committee for Foreign Relation, Member of the SPLM-IO Political Bureau

 Hon. Stephen updated the audiences on their political lobbying in DC, saying a number of US officials have realized that what was done to the peace agreement was unfortunate. He reiterated that many world leaders have known the truth of what had happened to the peace agreement as well; therefore, the move now is to initiate a political engagement

or to resuscitate the peace agreement with Dr. Machar present as the partner to it. He encouraged the community to continue with peace mobilization. Hon. Stephen raised $193.

 Mr. Sabata Ramba, Mrs. Nyagile Thot, Mr. Makuel Wie and Mr. Matthew D. Ruon with Hon. Angelina

Hon. Angelina Jany Teny Committee Chairperson on Security and Defense – SPLM/A – IO

 Hon. Teny encouraged the diaspora to work together in order to serve lives back home. She expressed her sincere gratitude about protection she received during the assassination attempt on Dr. Riek Machar and her own life on July 8, 2015. She referred to them as her children who saved their mother. She continued encouraging the young men that the future of South Sudan is belong to them. She continued saying that Dr. Machar and the rest are struggling now to make sure

young South Sudanese have a future that every one of them will have equal opportunities. Madam Angelina called all the youngsters to come forward and show their support. In addition, she called those with advanced degree or have Drs. in front of their names to come forward as well to show their support. Overall, she raised $1003.00. This is the most amounts raised at the conference/ fundraiser.

Overall, he contributed $700.

  Mr. Augustino Gore

Head of Information and Public Relation

Relief Organization for South Sudan in United States

 Like Hon. Angelina Teny, Mr. Augustino deserved an honor and appreciation for the finance contribution he made during the conference. As he was called forward by Angelina, as an example of those who have contributed so much to the SPLM/A – IO and continued their support, Mr. Augustino pledged $500 in cash. This was the most amounts of cash pledged by one person in the conference. Previously, he contributed $200 as a member of the ROSS – USA prior to the conference.


Mr. Nelson Loponi South Region Director Relief Organization for South Sudan in United States and Mrs. Aluel Gang, Secretary General for the South Region –

presented their non-food items project spearheaded by Dr. Gang and his team for the last three years. The South Region team, with the support by the National Office, succeeded in sending some used cloths to POCs in Juba. Collecting and sending non- food items is one of the mission the

ROSS – USA is working on. Mr. Loponi and Mrs. Gang were applauded for the job well done. The team was encouraged to do more.

William Pay Tuoy-Giel, M.Ed.

Director of Student Support Service. St. Cloud Technical & Community College/ NCDS Presidential Candidate of 2017

 Mr. William was welcomed on behalf of the entire eight (8) candidates who didn’t show at the conference. He presented his platforms and encouraged people to give him an opportunity to change

the way Nuer Community has been operating for many years back and create a new way forward. Mr. William reiterated that he is the only well qualified candidate among the eight (8); therefore, he deserved to be given a chance to put his knowledge, skills and talents to action for the betterment of the community. He reminded people that the Nuer are currently at cross roads; therefore, the community needs someone who knows how to save the Nuer. Mr. William pledged


Gatluak Ter Thach, PhD President and CEO of Nashville International Center for Empowerment (NICE), Senior Advisor for Finance and Resource Mobilization

Relief Organization for South Sudan in United States/Alliance for South Sudanese in Diaspora

 Dr. Thach educated the community about effective advocacy and lobbying that he elaborated so well within a limited time allotted to his presentation. He encouraged everyone to take to an account once given an opportunity to make a presentation. He stated “Present a message short

and precise, propose a solution to that issue you’re presenting and ask that authority figure to do what is expected of them to do in their power. He cautioned that first impression matter; therefore, use the opportunity wisely as you might not get an opportunity as such again in the future. In addition, Dr. Thach challenged the community that they have not done enough to help those who are in humanitarian crisis in South Sudan because they failed to collaborate, strategies and to collect finances for those in crisis. He reiterated that the community has many members in the United States, so if they use their number to generate humanitarian supports, they would be effective. He ended his presentation by encouraging the community to create a new way forward. Dr. Thach’s pledge and support from his relatives and friends is $564, plus $100 contributed prior to the conference as a staff of ROSS – USA. Dr. Thach raised the total of $664. This is the third highest contribution in the conference, followed Angelina Teny and Agustino Gore.


Mr. Kueth Yul Dieu, MSAJS, MJUR

Head of IT/ Webmaster Relief Organization for South Sudan

Mr. Yul educated the community on US Family and Immigration laws, saying that South Sudanese are part of the American people; therefore, having some knowledge in how family laws work will help us avoid issues that could have a long lasting impact on our lives. As an employee of the state government of Arizona, he witnessed families going down the wrong pass as consequences of their careless mistakes. He encouraged the community to not

leave their small children at home unattended and not adequately supporting them with their needs. He also encouraged effective communication among the family in minimizing

catastrophes before they’re out of hands. Mr. Yul continued educating that paying attention to what children need, knowing who they hung out with and attending them is the role of parents. As time was short, he encouraged people to support the ROSS – USA as it’s providing humanitarian support to those in war toned areas in South Sudan. As time was against his presentation, he praised Mr. Stephen Chan Dak for the job well done. Mr. Yul stated that he and Stephen are also working together in many different capacities in the community; therefore, he knows that Stephen was the right pick to lead this conference as its chair. Mr. Yul pledged $202

at the conference in addition of $100 contributed prior to the conference as a staff of ROSS – USA; therefore, he raised the total of $302.

Mr. Bidit Luak Dar Deputy Chair for Finance and Mary Nyareak Chuol, Finance Secretary

Relief Organization for South Sudan

 Mr. Bidiit and Ms. Mary Nyareak Chuol, along with their staff members have done a wonderful job, making sure everyone pay at the door and kept track on every cash and pledges through the entire conference. Because of the diligence work they have done

during the conference, staying out side almost the entire time, they have missed presentations that were going inside the church. With this, the ROSS – USA’s leadership would like to extend an appreciation for the job well done. We look forward to working with them again next conference.

Nations and the United Nations should already establish a committee to facilitate hybrid court as part of the peace pack, but process to do so stalled as the international community failed in that initial attempt to create a set of binding national and international legal norms on individual criminal accountability in order to achieve a lasting peace in the country. John reiterated that most prominently, ethnic cleansing and other human rights atrocities in South Sudan captured international attention so far but failed to pronounce it “Genocide.” John concluded, saying “What had happen in South Sudan is genocide.” He along with his supporters raised $185.



Leadership contribution $2,350
Donation, Nashville TN $970
Omaha fundraiser $7,523.66
Overall total Saturday Fundraising $10,843.66
Guest air ticket from


$1,895 $10,843.66
Guest air ticket back to Africa $995 $8,948.66
Guest Accommodation $1,475.13 $7,953.66
Mission Office, DC $2,161.29 $6,478.53
Other expenses $2,292.74 $2,024.50
TOTAL $8,819.16 $2,024.50 $10,843.66

conference ended. Overall, ROSS – USA is so fortunate to have highly knowledgeable and passionate leaders who helped ROSS –USA make a huge different among other SPLM/A – IO components.

Hon. Yien Thiang Luony Executive Director

Relief Organization for South Sudan

 As his first visit to the United States of America, Hon Yien had an opportunity to visit the world’s United Nation Headquarters in New York City after a meeting with UNOCHA on May 09, 2017. Behind him is the United Nation Security Council Headquarters that he and the SPLM/A – IO representative to the United Nation, Mr. Ukuni Paulino have visited. Hon Yien proceeded to

Washington DC the same day, where he had another meeting with USAID’s representatives. In Washington DC, Hon. Yien was able to meet the following individuals: Rep. Jordan Manpiny Long, Rep. Dr. Isaac Kueth Gang, and Deputy Rep. to the Republic of Kenya, Mr. Lam Chuol Joak, ROSS’s former East Region Director, Mr. James Deng Kuol and Mr. Nhial Chuol Tut Kuanjang. His US tour went well before he headed to Canada. May God lead him back to Africa in peace.





  • Basic principles that need to be followed in order to generate more financial resources are identified.
  • Obstacles and actions that have been hindering the working relationship among the stakeholders have been
  • Established a definition of working collaboratively with other stakeholders, such as the faith based organizations and other social service organizations that are needed to establish a common understanding of what it means to work
  • A meeting with faith based groups was achieved, which allowed the following representatives to reiterated their commitment to work together: The SPLM/A –IO’s representative, Hon. Stephen P. Kuol, Mission Rep to Ethiopia, Rev. Jordan Manpiny Long, Executive Director of Relief Organization for South Sudan, Hon. Yien Thiang

Luony, and the ROSS Country, Dr. John Kuek. The representatives reaffirmed the collaborative commitment of the SPLM/A – IO organs at the highest level in the United States to ensure the implementation of the collaboration, mainly between the groups mentioned above.

  • The team re-emphasized the main principle and objective of working together as to be fair in terms of give and take. Fundraisers and other initiatives, hosted by either one of those groups will be supported fairly. Other social service groups, such as the NCDS and other ethnic establishments will also be encouraged to participate in this new working relationship among supporters of the SPLM/A – IO in the United


From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to extend a thank you to every member who flew or drove to Omaha for the conference. To all sympathizers and supporters of the SPLM/A – IO, such the people of Nashville Tennessee who contributed $970 for the conference, we will never forget your kind contribution. We look forward to working with you until our common dream, in obtaining peace in our country, is achieved. May God bless everyone who commit to this journey of freedom.


Hon. Yien Thiang Luony,

We would like to acknowledge your contribution in joining the team USA from Africa. It’s because of your guided leadership that enables the team USA to effectively conduct a successful conference. Your attendance was a plus to the ROSS – USA. ROSS is so fortunate to have you as its executive director. Thanks you Hon. Angelina Teny, Hon. Stephen Par Kuol, Hon. Goi Jooyul Yol, Rep Dr. Isaac Gang, Rep. Jordan Long and the former UN Rep, Amb. Miyong Gatuor Kuon for attending the conference. Your contribution was well received by the ROSS – USA leadership.