ROSS Historical Background

 The Relief Organization for South Sudan (ROSS), formerly known as South Sudan Relief and Rehabilitation Agency (SSRRA) is a humanitarian wing of the SPLM/A that provides license and registry for NGOS, CBOs/CSOs and any humanitarian organization operating in SPLM/A controlled areas in South Sudan. SSRRA coordinates, liaise and monitor humanitarian organizations and other NGOs in the areas controlled by the SPLM/A in the Republic of South Sudan for effective and efficient humanitarian intervention and service delivery. ROSS provides safe working environment to the humanitarian organizations in SPLM/A controlled areas. It conducts needs assessments and identifies target groups for humanitarian interventions. It builds capacity of stakeholders and local partners to enhance effectiveness and efficiency in the delivery of humanitarian assistance to the target groups. ROSS is an agency that promotes peace, trust and healing to the traumatized and conflict affected communities by creating awareness on peace and reconciliation among South Sudanese citizens in collaboration with relevant partners.

ROSS -USA is a nonprofit 501 (c) 3 incorporated to solicit funds legally from the US corporations, foundations and small private organizations and provides humanitarian assistance to South Sudanese in devastated areas in South Sudan. It builds capacity of stakeholders and local partners to enhance effectiveness and efficiency in the delivery of humanitarian assistance to the target groups. It provides nationwide education to create awareness on the need for peace and reconciliation among South Sudanese citizens in collaboration with relevant partners. ROSS has regional offices across the US to streamline resource mobilization and coordination of humanitarian assistance for South Sudan. It collaborates with stakeholders to effectively coordinate and deliver humanitarian needs (food and medicines) to South Sudanese in devastated areas in South Sudan. The agency works to create awareness of the humanitarian needs in devastated areas of South Sudan through public conferences and latest field reports.

ROSS Leadership and Operation Worldwide

 Pagak, South Sudan

Hon. Gatwech P. Kulang, Executive Director

United States Office

Mr. William Pay Tuoy-Giel, Country Director

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Hon. Bor Gatwech Kuany, Country Director

Khartoum, Sudan Office

Hon. William G. Gieng, Country Director

Nairobi, Kenya Office

Hon. Gideon G. Thoar, Country Director

Australia Office

Mr. Chuol Deng Gach, Country Director

Canada Office

Mr. Nhial Wicleek, Country Director


Dear Attendee:

Welcome to the 2nd ROSS* USA * Diaspora Humanitarian Conference 2016

The SSRRA-U.S.A was established in September 2014, with a goal to mobilize and coordinate the efforts of South Sudanese community stakeholders, groups and individual contributions throughout the United States to help provide basic emergency assistance to South Sudanese. The primary aim of the agency is to provide humanitarian assistance to South Sudanese in devastated areas of the country. The ROSS – USA premiere conference began in 2015, as part of the hopes and dreams of leadership to address challenging humanitarian crisis in South Sudan. Its grassroots efforts, dedication, commitment, resulted in a highly-regarded, educational, professional conference.

This year’s conference theme is, “Calling All to Action in Support of those in Crisis and Peace in South Sudan.” The conference will present new, innovative approaches in peace building and help to educate all of us on the need to consider new strategies to coexist as one nation. We know you will learn a great deal from this conference, equipping you in your quest to effectively serve individuals in our community, and most importantly, the country that we all love the most. This year we have added a new activity; there will be a special live concert on Saturday evening, featuring our local talented South Sudanese Artists, such as Kang JJ and more. The conference will begin on Friday April 15, 2016 to Saturday April 16, 2016 at 2:00 PM with numerous thought-provoking exhibits, cultural artifacts, and books-written by South Sudanese.

It is our hope that you will find this conference the best ever! On behalf of the conference planning committee, we welcome you to the 2nd ROSS – USA Conference and thank you for your attendance.

Dr. John Chuol Kuek, PhD

Chair of the 2nd Annual ROSS Conference of 2016 Relief Organization for South Sudan (ROSS) USA Office: (402) 595-8125



Conference Leadership/Planning Committee

John Chuol Kuek, Ph.D., MFT Marriage and Family Therapist

Chairman of the ROSS 2nd Annual Conference 2016

Director of Programs and Operation for Relief Organization for South Sudan (ROSS) USA. President of South Sudanese Community Council of San Diego

Board Chair of La Maestra Community Health Centers Foundation in San Diego Visiting Lecturer of several Universities in California and Arizona

  1. Koang Keat

Deputy Conference Chair Chair of Minnesota Taskforce

  1. Rosemary Lokule

Deputy Conference Chair on Communication and Public Relation Committee Leader

  1. Lam Thot Muang, MBA

Deputy Conference Chair on Community Mobilizing Committee Leader

  1. Isaac Kueth Gang, Ph.D

Assistant Professor of Computer Science & Engineering at the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor’s College of Sciences, Department of Computer Science & Engineering, Deputy Conference Chair on Secretariat Committee

Executive Director, South Region (SSRRA) USA

Executive Secretary of Jonglei Peace Initiative (North America) Board member, Leadership Institute of New Sudan (LIONS)

  1. John Lam Kier, BA

Deputy Treasure of Relief Organization for South Sudan –USA 2016 –Present Deputy Conference Chair on finance committee

Former Spoke person of SPLM-IO in Nebraska Chapter 2014-2015 Former Lou Nuer Youth Coordinator in America 2004-2009,

Former Deputy Secretary of Relief Organization for South Sudan – USA Nebraska Local office 2016

Rev. Jordan Manpiny Long,

ROSS Religious Affairs Representative

Program Schedule

Security Team: Dak Muor/ Mr. Livi Both

Day One

Master of Ceremony (MC): Dr. Isaac K.Gang & Ms. Tibisa J. Thor Friday, April 15, 2016

2:00 PM – 2:30 PM (Music and Slide Show)

 3:00 PM-3:15 PM: South Sudan and US National Anthem

 3:20-3:40 PM: Opening Remarks, House Keeping Rules and Guests Introduction (Gospel music from Nuer women deacons)

(Prayer: Pastor Lazarus John)

 Dr. John Kuek, Chair of the Conference Mr. William Pay Tuoy-Giel, Country Director

General Conference Team’s Recognition Recognition of Sponsors (Display all sponsors’)


3:45 – 4:15 Keynote Speaker: William Pay Tuoy-Giel, M. Ed


4: 20 PM – 4:30 PM: Humanitarian Crisis and ROSS Draft Policy on Resettlement of IDPs and Refugees

Introduced by: Dr. John Kuek

 4:35 – 7:30 PM: Presentations #1: Advocacy and Partnership

Presenter 1: Pastor James Dak Rut (20 minutes) Humanitarian support from South Sudanese Diasporas

Presenter 2: MS. Rosemary Lokule (20 minutes)

The role of Diasporas in the implementation of Peace Agreement

Presenter 3: Rev. Jordan Long, President of LCSS and Advisor to ROSS USA (20 minutes) Role of Religious institutions in promoting peace in the country


8:00-10:30: Presentation #2: Human Rights Violation in South Sudan

Presenter 1: Mr. Simon Deng Kak, Human Rights Activist (30 minutes) The Debate of Genocide and Its Prevention

Presenter 2: Hon. Sophia Pal Gai, MP, NLA (25 minutes)

Effective of South Sudan War on children, women and elderly

Presenter 3: Hon. Agnes Nyoka, MP, NLA (25 minutes)

Justice and Accountability for war crimes –Retributive justice vs. Restorative justice

Presenter 4: Gatwech R. Nyoat (20 minutes)

International Law Violation and Its application in South Sudan

Words of Encouragement: (10 minutes each)


  • SPLM/A IO Mission Office: Sabata Ramba
  • UN Office Rep:
  • Chapter Rep: Role of the SPLM Chapters in supporting and promoting peace in the US
  • Women League Rep: Ms. Nyagile Thot, SPLM Women League, USA
  • Youth League Rep:
  • Speaker 3: Hon. Nyaduer Jock

7:35-7:55 Tea/Coffee Break

 10:35 – 11:00 PM: Closing Remarks by the Conference Chair, Dr. John Kuek, PhD

 Concluded with prayer by: Rev. John Gok Badeng


Day Two

Saturday, April 16, 2016 Holy Name

Venue: Main Hall

Master of Ceremony (MC): Dr. Isaac K. Gang, PhD & Ms. Tibisa J. Thor 8: 00 – 8: 30: Registration/ Music/ Traditional Dancer/ Entertainment 9:05-10:11 AM: South Sudan & US National Anthem

 8:35-9:00 AM: Opening Remarks, House Keeping Rules and Guests Introduction Conference Chair: Dr. John Chuol Kuek

House Keeping Rules Mr. Koang Keat

Deputy Conference Chair Opening Prayer (Pastor Jock Tut Paleak)

9:05 -9:15 AM: Dancers/Singers and Entertainment

9:20 – 10:20 PM Keynote Speaker: William Pay Tuoy-Giel, Country Director (45mins) Humanitarian Crisis and ROSS Draft Policy on Resettlement of IDPs and Refugees Introduced by: Ms. Rosemary Lokule

 LUNCH BREAK 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

 1:05 – 2:30 PM: Presentations #3: Public Health Awareness

 Presenter 1: Mr. Gatbel Chamjock, PA., Advanced PhD Student (30 minutes)

  • Health Disparity in South Sudan (Rural areas and IDPs camps)
  • Importance of Travel Medicine
  • Heart health

Presenter 2: James Duol Rut, M.S., PhD Advanced Candidate (30 minutes)

  • Community Wellness/ Mental health


Presentation #4: Peace Building, Community Relations, and Development in South Sudan

Presenter 1: Mr. Deng Tiir, National Advisor, ROSS – USA (20 minutes) People-to-People Peace Initiatives

Presenter 2: Dr. Isaac K. Gang, PhD, JPIN/ROSS/CASS (20 minutes)

Role of International Community (US) in the current peace initiatives in South Sudan

3:00 – 3:10 PM: Entertainment by Artist John Mishuol

3:00-4:30: Last Presentation #5: Development and Peace

Presenter 1: Rev. Francis Chan

Making peace attractive to South Sudanese in the Diasporas

Presenter 2: Dr. Gatluak T. Thach, PhD, NICE/ASSD/ROSS (30 minutes) Improving Social Infrastructure as Peace Dividends

Presenter 5: Dr. Joseph D. Malual, PhD (30 minutes)

Proper management and utilization of National Resources to reduce disasters and poverty

2:35 – 2:45 PM: Break/ Entertainments/ Shows

2:45 – 4:10 PM: Words of encouragement on the following items: Speaker 1: Ms. Nyanguok G. Riek                 (10 minutes)

Speaker 2: Dobuol Mading Kueth                (10 minutes) Speaker 3: James Mut Nyang                       (10 minutes)

Speaker 4: John Jock Tai                                 (10 minutes) Speaker 5: Pastor James Deng Dhiach            (10 minutes) Speaker 6: Rev. James Tut Liech                    (10 minutes)

4:20 -5.20:00 pm: Town Hall: all Sessions with conclusion of the Conference and Awards, Recognition of State Representatives and attendees/ Q&A Forum/ Resolution

5:20 – 6.30 PM: Closing Remarks by the Conference Chair, Dr. John Kuek, PhD Closing Prayer by: Rev. James Chieng Rieng

 6:00pm-3:00AM: Concert/Entertainment/ Fundraising

Special Word of Encouragement by: Elder Sarah Nyakuach Gach, ROSS – Alaska State Advisor (15 minutes)



1. John Keak Lam Kierkok 22. Kueth Yul Dieu
2. Gatluak Kuek Nyir 23. Pajok Kong
3. Rosemary Lokule 24. Lam Thot Muang
4. Kuony Malual 25. Wath Yak
5. Nyamal Koang Dei 26. Suzy Abdelfarag
6. Nyabuona Biel 27. George Ateib
7. Nyachan William 28. Roda Nyaleerah Gatleak
8. Martha Rik 29. Nyariek Kong Chany
9. Nyagach Nguth 30. Anna James
10. Nelson Loponi 31. John Chuol Mai
11. Alual Mayen 32. Dak More Minyjang
12. Nyamat Gach Chir 33. Par Gai Ruach
13. Koang Yar 34. Roy Peter Kuek
14. Nyaluitluit Batim 35. James Ruach Kulang
15. Tabisa Jiechlat Tiach 36. Nyuon Gatluak Rambang
16. Dr. John Kuek 37. Diue Makuach Turoal
17. James Thiech Kueth 38. Nyabuony Pal Woul
18. Koang Keat 39. James Thierry Majock
19. Dr. Isaac Kueth Gang 40. Kuey Riek
20. Matthew Malual Reer 41. Tor Yiak Minyjiak
21. Komach Deng Dei


Rose Leadership

National Office

  1. William Pay Tuoy-Giel, Country Director
  2. Malakal Deng Goak, Deputy Country Director
  3. John Chuol Kuek, Secretary General, Director for Programs and Operation
  4. Gatluak Ter Thach, National Treasurer
  5. Kueth Yul Dieu, National Information Officer and PR National Advisor
    1. Deng Tiir
    2. Stephen Khor Chambang
    3. Jordan Manpiny Long Regional Offices
  6. Isaac Kueth Gang
  7. James Thiech Kueth
  8. Lam Thot Muang
  9. James Deng Kuol


Our Sponsors: Special Recognition (2015 – 2016)

 Gold Sponsors $500.00

Pastor Peter Wetnyangran

Lutheran Christian Mission Society

$ 500.00
Pastor Michael Bayoch

South Sudanese Nebraska Council of Churches

$ 500.00
Pastor James Dak Rut

Nuer American Christian Mission Network International

$ 500.00

Silver Sponsor

Pastor John G. Badeang

New Life Christian Church

$ 250.00
Pastor David G. Wuol

Lutheran Church of the Master

$ 250.00


Bronze Sponsor $200

Pastor Elizabeth Tot

Presbyterian Church

$ 200.00
Elder Sarah Gach

Anchorage Lutheran Church

$ 200.00
Pastor James Dak Rut

South Sudanese Thanksgiving Lutheran Church

$ 200.00
Rev. Tut Keat

Sudanese American Fellowship

$ 200.00
Pastor Peter L. Gatkuoth

Sudanese Evangelical Lutheran Church

$ 200.00
Pastor Peter C. Bur

Sudanese Ministry of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church

$ 200.00
Pastor James C. Riang

Christ Lutheran Church

$ 200.00
Pastor James Nhial Ruey

Sudanese Evangelical Lutheran Mission Church of Minnesota

$ 200.00
Pastor Simon Bilim Yiech

Trinity Lutheran Church

$ 200.00


A Special Recognition and thanks to the ROSS USA State Coordinators and their Staff for their support and making this conference possible

Mathew Malual Reer, State Coordinator, ROSS Arizona

  1. Tut Tongyik Dieng, State Coordinator, ROSS Iowa
  2. James C. Tang, Acting State Coordinator, ROSS Minnesota
  3. Peter Both Gach, State Coordinator, ROSS California
  4. Nyalilit Batim Moses, State Coordinator, ROSS New York
  5. Nyagai Nguoth, State Coordinator, ROSS Washington, DC/Virginia/Maryland
  6. Rosemary Lokule, State Coordinator, ROSS Tennessee
  7. Simon Nginoe, State Coordinator, ROSS Texas
  8. Gatluak K. Nyir, State Coordinator, ROSS Nebraska
  9. Michael Abate Elkana, State Coordinator, ROSS Missouri
  10. Jenin Paul Gatnor, State Coordinator, ROSS South Dakota
  11. James Bile Thurbiel, State Coordinator, ROSS Colorado
  12. Nyadeng Joak, State Coordinator, ROSS Utah
  13. Chuol Mim Deng, State Coordinator, ROSS Washington State
  14. Nyakhor Mading Kueth, State Coordinator, ROSS
  15. Kuony Malual, State Coordinator, ROSS Maine

Conference Security Team

  1. John Chuol Mai, Deputy of head security – USA
  2. Dak Muore Minyjang
  3. Kuey Riek
  4. Tor Yiak Minyjiak
  5. Par Gai Ruach
  6. Roy Peter Kuek
  7. James Ruaech Kulang
  8. Nyuon Gatluak Rambang
  9. Diue Makuach Turoal
  10. Nyabuany Pal Woul
  11. James Thierry Majock